Border Collie going over


These classes are specifically designed for teams just starting out in agility, but we also encourage the experienced handler with a new dog to start at the beginning to build confidence and focus in a class environment. We require students to take classes in order as each class builds upon the one preceding it. After completing these classes your team will be ready for Handling Agility which focuses on longer sequences and preparation for competition. To participate, dogs shall be under handler control using buckle collar or harness and a 6 foot lead unless directed by the instructor. All agility classes are based on positive reinforcement. Beginning classes encourage handlers to bring both high and low value treats, and learn the value of timely rewarding, including treats, praise, games and play in learning. Physical and mental age: Most, but not all exercises can be adapted for young dogs. Most jumping skills can be practiced by lowering the bar, and your instructor will assist you in determining this height. Tight turns, including full weave skills or any obstacle where a dog could fall from a height should not be attempted until growth plates are closed. This occurs earlier in smaller breeds, and large and giant breeds may take 18 months to 2 years to fully close. Mental age and confidence are also factors in how long and what to practice. Building skills in small pieces and quitting before your dog is tired build confidence and joy in working with you.

Beginner 1

This class reviews basic obedience skills and adaptations for agility including rewarding, focus forward/release to an obstacle, flatwork, heeling on both sides, recall to side. The class also covers Impulse control games, discussion of the balance between handler and obstacle focus, targeting, body awareness exercises, obstacle familiarization and beginning jumping skills

Prerequisites: Puppy or Obedience 1 or similar skills

Beginner 2

Student will learn how to properly train their dogs to safely attempt all obstacles. New skills include back-chaining end performance on contacts, 2 x 2 weaves, introduction to tire, panel, double, triple and broad jump. Jump skills include the difference between collection and extension, pulls vs. sends, intro to serpentines, tight turns, 90 & 180 degree turns. Teams will be able to try 2-4 obstacle fun runs

Prerequisites: Successfully perform (80%) of the skills taught in Beginner 1

Beginner 3: Contacts, Weaves & Sequences

The focus will be on weaves & contacts with short handling sequences. Contacts will be grown from low height to full performance. We will introduce crosses and build jumping skills.

Prerequisites: Beginner 2

Tunnelers Fun Run

Courses will be set up with Tunnels. The dogs
love it once they do 1-2-3 tunnels, they are having a blast. Come out and have some tunnel fun with
your dogs.

Prerequisites: Dog must be able to complete a tunnel.