Fatty Corgi


SNDK9 Guidelines for Students and Instructors

Hold Harmless Agreement

A Hold Harmless Agreement must be signed by all members, students, observers, and owners of a dog working in our building. Competitors sign a hold harmless agreement per their registration form approved by each trial chair.

A current rabies certificate is required to be on file for each dog participating in classes.

Our equipment is for safe practice of dog sports only.

  • Use only equipment you and your dog have been trained for, including bracing and moving practices. There should be no attempt to move the Dog Walk without an instructor present. When moving the Teeter or A-frame, take precautions not to scrape or gouge the floor (use dollies or furniture movers under the A-frame corners).
  • Children may not play on equipment or furnishings.
  • Teacup equipment is to be used for teacup trials only.
  • Fitness equipment requires training and clipped canine nails.
  • Inspect each piece of equipment prior to use. If a piece of equipment is broken or damaged, tag it out by placing a taped note on the equipment, and report on the sign out sheet and email INFO@SNDK9.COM

Clean up after your dog and yourself. This includes double cleaning all dog accidents and placing waste in the outside garbage can, cleaning your crate to leave it as you found it, no food/treats left in the building, leave sanitary facilities as clean as you found them.

Safety Each handler is responsible their own dog. Dogs must be on leash entering, exiting and when not working in the ring. Give and ask others for your dog’s space including instructing others if your dog is reactive or will bite. Any injury must be reported and signed by all parties involved. The member in charge shall follow up with an email to INFO@SNDK9.COM to alert the Board of Directors. All members in charge should direct participants to the first aid kit and to contact information for emergency vets and hospitals. See also our Dog Aggression Policy.