Trick Dog

Dog tricks have been around for as long as dogs have been living with people. They are now one of the fastest growing activities to do with your dog. Tricks are an outstanding way to bond with your dog and have a lot of fun along the way. We use positive reinforcement training techniques to make the learning process enjoyable for both you and your dog. We offer four levels of Trick Dog classes as well as the option to earn Trick Dog titles through Do More With Your Dog. (Do More With Your Dog trick titles are also recognized by the AKC.)

Novice Trick Dog – All dogs begin at Novice level. The tricks start with the basics, sit, down, stay, and come and tricks like peekaboo, going through a tunnel, spin in a circle, and many other tricks; some of which are foundation tricks for more advanced tricks. All tricks are performed on leash.

Intermediate Trick Dog – Prerequisite: Novice Trick Dog – Intermediate Trick Dog builds on the tricks started in the Novice class. We have fun learning tricks like Soccer, Barrel Racing, and many others. All tricks are performed on leash.

Advanced Trick Dog – Prerequisite: Intermediate Trick Dog – Advanced Trick Dog brings challenging tricks that are also fun to learn and even more entertaining to show your friends. Your dog will learn tricks like placing their chin in your hand to wiping their paws on a mat. Tricks are started on leash with the goal of performing them off leash.

Expert Trick Dog – Prerequisite: Advanced Trick Dog – Expert Trick Dog teaches your dog our most challenging tricks, many of which are chained tricks (many different behaviors chained together to produce one trick). They are also some of the most fun tricks to learn; basketball, shell game, and handstands on the wall are just some of the tricks you can learn in this class. Tricks are started on leash with the goal of performing them off leash.

November 2023

Trick Dog Novice & Intermediate - Elsa

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Price: $75.00

No class 10/28, 11/11, 11/18.

Available Spaces: 6