Splash 'n Dash K9 Sports, a non-profit dog training club.

Splash 'n Dash K9 Sports is a dog training club promoting all aspects of canine sports by providing quality instruction, sanctioned canine sporting events, seminars, and dog related curriculum to our members and other dog enthusiasts in the Western Pennsylvania region.


Next Member Meeting

Meetings occur approximately every 2 months and are posted in black on the club calendar. See the calendar tab near the top of the page. Meetings are open to the public and anyone interested in becoming a member of the club or attending classes is welcome. If you are not a member and would like to attend, email info@sndk9.com

Session 1 is from Jan 1 - Feb 25 2023

Session 1 is from Jan 1 – Feb 25 2023

See our classes tab for instructions on how to register and deadlines for registration and payment.

While we transition to our new system, returning students and new students to beginner and upper level classes each have a different registration/waitlist process:

Beginning classes will be using our new system “CORSIZIO” to add and waitlist students.

Upper level classes will use the same system as last session. Upper level classes will be listed at on the opening page (this page) on December 7th.  Any student not already pre-registered with their instructor will need to email registration@sndk9.com after 9 PM that evening.

If you are pre-registered and need to withdraw from a class email registration@sndk9.com so that we may fill your spot. See this link to our registration, cancellation and credit policies.