Puppy Classes

Puppy 1: During class, puppies can learn basic commands such as: sit, down, come, and loose leash walking using games that make learning fun and easy. We teach the concepts behind dog behaviors, provide brain games to stimulate learning, introduce you to possible canine sports that you and your dog can enjoy, and teach you tips for doing puppy massage. All this along with practicing important socialization skills necessary for building and strengthening a lifelong, happy, and healthy relationship with your new dog.

Puppy class

Puppy 2 /Adolescent ObediencePrerequisite: Puppy 1 or basic obedience knowledge. Dogs up to 18 months will refine basic obedience cues that are already learned such as: sit, down, recalls, loose leash walking, and stay by building duration, distance, and distraction elements while playing fun, interactive games with their owners. Socialization, brain and crate games along with promoting canine fitness are other key components of this course. Enjoy playing with your dog while effectively training obedience and socialization skills.