AKC Companion Dog Obedience

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a competition series called Companion Events which includes competition in Obedience, Rally, Tracking and Agility.

For Obedience Companion Events AKC divides competition as follows:  Beginner Novice (BN), Novice or Companion Dog (CD), Open (CDX), and Utility (UD).  The title earned is shown in parenthesis.  The dog must title in each in order to compete in the next level.

Novice Obedience: This class will prepare students to compete in AKC Novice obedience trials. The AKC Novice regulations will be discussed and the Novice exercises will be worked and proofed. Footwork, attention, how to create a better performance, motivation, and developing a foundation for advanced work are other elements that will be covered in this class.

Open (CDX) Obedience: This level includes more complicated exercises; the dog must be able to perform a variety of tasks and follow commands either by voice or signal. Exercises include:

  • Heel Free and Figure Eight – off leash
  • Command Discrimination (Stand, Down, Sit)
  • Drop on Recall
  • Retrieve on Flat
  • Retrieve over Jump
  • Broad Jump
  • Stay – Get Your Leash (Sit, Down) – demonstrate the dog’s ability to remain in the sitting or down position

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