Specialty Agility

These classes are designed to focus on specific advanced agility skills and are recommended for handlers and dogs who are looking to improve their performance in trial settings.

Agility Special Skills 1 & 2: These classes focus on SKILL training and working short sequences to learn new skills or practice and improve existing skills.  Examples include: contacts and weaves using lateral distance, performing variety of handling moves at entries/exits, distance skills, obstacle discrimination, challenging handling moves, etc.

  • Dogs need to be able to work under control of their handler with the distraction as more than one dog will be working at the same time. (Ring gating will be set up to promote safety).
  • This class does NOT run full courses.
  • Prerequisite for both Skills 1&2 is Handling Agility. Level 1 & 2 will work on the same skills. Level 1 is suitable for those just starting out in competition and may be just learning the skill; Level 2 is more suitable for teams already competing and looking to add skills or sharpen performance.

Jumping Skills/Foundation:Training will include all jump obstacles (tire, panel, broad, triple, double), foundation recall exercises, and common jump combinations (pin wheel, serpentine, 270, 180, threadle).

  • Class suited for students who have completed Beg. 2 up through Comp. level.
  • Instruction will be tailored to individual’s needs.