Beginner Agility

These classes are specifically designed for teams just starting out in agility, but we also encourage experienced handler/new dog teams to allow young dogs to build confidence and focus.  All classes are based on positive reinforcement. We require students to take the the classes in order as each class builds upon the one preceding it.  After completing these classes your team will be ready for Handling Agility which focuses on longer sequences and preparation for competition.

Beginner 1: This class is for beginner teams and includes focus and self control games, flatwork, distractions, body awareness  exercises,  obstacle familiarization and beginning jumping skills.

Beginner 2: This class builds on what the handler learned in Level 1.  Student will learn how to properly train their dogs to safely attempt all obstacles.  Dog will be able to try 2-4 obstacle fun runs

 Beginner 3: Contacts, Weaves & Sequences: The focus will be on weaves & contacts with short handling sequences.  We will introduce various crosses and build jumping skills. Beginning 2 is a prerequisite