Advanced Agility

These classes focus on improving the teams handling and skills for competition

Handling: This class reinforces skills with front rear and blind crosses, reverse flow pivots and serpentines, and how to best use these handling options for 5-6 obstacle sequences, and prepares students for entry level competition classes.

Competition Agility (Comp Agility): Students run 2-3 courses of 10-14 obstacles. Focus is on developing skills in reading lines and learning which handling option is best for the team, and prepares students for advanced competition.

Accelerated, Absolute Agility (AAA): This class is for dog/handler teams that want to compete at the highest level and includes training in technical skills required for international style courses. Prior to registering for this class, the team must have completed all beginner levels and shall be referred by their instructor. Incoming students to SNDK9 may arrange an interview/skills evaluation by emailing

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