SNDK9 Hall of Fame

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The following dogs are owned by club members and have received titles in their various venues:

RNC Hamilton’s Mystic Lord of the Dance (Sonny), loved by Lucy McCloskey, CD, BN, GN, RAE3, AX, AXJ, NAP, XF (AKC)

Gemstone Black Diamond (Annie), loved by Arlene Halloran, UD, RE, NA, NAJ (AKC Obedience), TDI

Kiwi CATE     Leslie’s Little Kiwi (Kiwi), loved and missed by Leslie Meyn, CATCH-2, CATE (CPE agility)

CHCalvin2CH Cinderlad Barefoot in the Park (Calvin), loved by Leslie Meyn, Champion (AKC conformation), CATCH (CPE agility)   

Einstein CATCH    Einstein, loved by Dave, Jill, and Mike Almasy, CATE (CPE agility), CATCH 3 (CPE agility), MAD (USDAA agility), Bronze Snooker Championship (USDAA agility), ARCH (WCRL Rally obedience)

Dave and KamKameron, loved by Dave, Jill, and Mike Almasy, CATCH 5 (CPE agility), ARCH (WCRL Rally Obedience), ARCH-X (WCRL Rally Obedience)

Taz,  loved by Dave, Jill, and Mike Almasy, CT-ATCH (CPE agility)  Dave and Taz

CJ and Glenn  Casia’s Calamity Jane (CJ), loved by Sheri and Glen Rockhill, TACH (TDAA agility)

Casia’s Celtic Fire (Edan), loved by Sheri and Glen Rockhill, CATCH (CPE agility), TACH4 (TDAA agility)    Edan

Tbone ATCH        T-bone, loved by Tracy and Kevin Orbin, ATCH (ASCA agility)

Max, loved by Shari Caruso, TACH (TDAA agility)   Excited Max

Rally Cocoa   Cocoa, loved and missed by Shari Caruso, ARCH-EX (WCRL rally obedience), #10 in US 2013

Sasha jumppSasha, loved by Sherry, CS-ATCH-2 (CPE agility), CATCH-3 (CPE agility)

Phoenix Barrel Valley Out of the Ashes (Phoenix), loved by Linda Honsperger, AKC titles: Tracking Dog, novice standard agility, novice jumpers, obedience CD, rally advanced, CGC/TDI, CPE level 2 agility, USDAA P-1 GamblersCATCH (CPE agility)


Lincor’s Buttercup, loved by Linda Honsperger, AKC Tracking dog, Agility , Rally obedience, therapy dog.

Lincor’s It’s My Turn (Reba), loved by Linda Honsperger, AKC titles: Tracking dog excellent, Obedience CDX, agility open jumpers, novice standard, CGC/TDI, Rally advanced, Usdaa starter jumpers, CPE Level 2
Swirl, loved by Kim & Eric Wong, USDAA AD, AKC Open Titles, NADAC Novice Titles, CPE Level 3 Titles; Qualified for USDAA 2002 DAM Tournament.

Twist, loved by Kim & Eric Wong, USDAA AAD, Master Snooker, Master Pairs, AKC Open Titles, NADAC Open Titles, CPE Level 2 Titles; Qualified for USDAA Grand Prix in 1999 and 2002 and 2004 DAM Tournaments.

Tyson, loved by Denise & Terry Seifers, ARCH (WCRL Rally) Tyson

  Roentgen, loved by Amanda Crabtree, CATCH-2, Ch-WC, Ch-Std, Ch-JP, Ch-J, Ch-Sn, Ch-FH, Ch-C (CPE Agility)