Class Attendance

Splash ‘N Dash K9 Sports Inc. (The Club) relies on class registrations as one of our primary sources of income. Students who are awarded credit for missed classes and students who do not pay for classes have a negative impact on the overall operation and sustainability of The Club. For this reason, we are restricting the issuance of class credits and setting guidelines for payment.

Class Payment

Class Payments are due upon registration confirmation. No student will be permitted to attend training classes unless payment in full has been received by the club. It is the primary responsibility of the Scheduling Task Force, part of the Curriculum Committee, to ensure that the roster provided to instructors clearly indicates which students have not paid.
Students are responsible for ensuring that payment is received prior to the beginning of a class session. Waitlisted students may submit payment and be accepted into classes if their payment is received prior to students who have registered but not paid. The Registrar will place waitlisted students into unpaid slots if the payment has not been received 3 days prior to the start of the class session. In this instance, both the unpaid and waitlisted student must be notified of the disposition of their registration. Payments received after the start of a class session will be subject to a $10 late payment fee. Payments for students not accepted into classes will be returned after all attempts to place them into an equivalent class have been exhausted.

Credit for missed Classes

The Club realizes that from time to time students will find it necessary to miss a scheduled class for personal reasons. Credit for missed classes will be given under the following circumstances.

  • Death or injury of the dog
  • Female dogs in heat
  • Attendance at a Splash ‘N Dash (SND) Board , Membership meeting or other official club business
  • Any reason approved by the board of directors

Make-Up Classes

Students who wish to attend a class that they are not normally scheduled to participate in may do so only with prior consent of the host instructor. Decisions will be made based on the size of the host class and the ability of the class instructor to accommodate the training needs of the guest dog while maintaining proper flow of the class already in session. If a suitable make-up class is not available, The Club is under no obligation to provide the student with a refund or credit.

Visitors to Class

The Club welcomes family members and visitors to classes. In order to maintain a safe environment and create a positive experience for everyone in the class, visitors are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Children must remain seated with adult supervision at all times
  • Junior handlers must be accompanied by a Parents or guardian for the entire class session
  • Visitors are not permitted on floor past the set ring gating without the permission of the instructor and may not disrupt class in any way.
  • Visitors must be respectful of the other dogs/handlers in class. Do not approach another dog without first obtaining permission from the handler.

Drop-In Classes

Students wishing to take an extra class on a drop-in basis may do so only with the permission of the instructor. Costs for drop–in classes is $20 for non-members and $17 for members payable to the club prior to the beginning of class. The instructor will put the payment into the payment slot at the building with appropriate information regarding what it is for.

Approved: 03/23/2009