Tracy Orbin

Tracy has been involved in agility training for over 14 years and instructing at S&D since 2003.  She competes in several different agility venues and has earned numerous titles with multiple dogs.  She believes it’s important to” know what you don’t know” so you continue to strive to learn and improve your handling and your dog’s skills.  Agility training should be a positive experience that builds trust and communication between you and your dog.  She loves teaching agility and enthusiastically conducts her classes with the goal of helping each student improve by taking the time to understand each student’s athletic abilities, their dog’s personality and skills set, and what they would like to accomplish.  She tailors her instruction for each team and can help determine the best way to communicate with your dog and personalize your handling cues to suit the needs of your team.


T-Bone – 8 yrs. old Border CollieEverything he does, he does wholeheartedly.  His lively spirit enriches our entire family.  He always gives more than 100% and we treasure his spirit.

ASCA:  ATCH, Elite Standard-Superior, Elite Gambler-Superior, Elite Jumpers-Superior

AKC:  Excellent A Standard, Excellent A JWW, Excellent B FAST

NADAC:  Elite Standard, Novice Touch-n-Go, Elite Tunnelers, Open Weavers, Open Jumpers


USDAAStarter Standard, Starter Pairs, PIII Gamblers, PI Jumpers

Leah – 12 yrs. old  Border Collie(Private rescue)Retired from agility in 2009 except to stretch legs in an occasional trial.  She was someone else’s throw-away dog, but our precious princess Leah that we cherish. 

AKC:  Excellent B Standard, Excellent B Jumpers, Novice Rally
USDAA:  Master Gamblers, Master Jumpers, Advanced Agility Dog, Advanced Standard, Advanced Snooker

NADAC:  NATCH-Standard, Outstanding Elite Chances, Elite Jumpers, Elite Touch-n-Go , Elite Tunnelers, and, Open Weavers

Sassy Girl Australian Shepherd (rescue from ARPH)Retired from agility competition in 2006 simply because she’d rather stay home with dad than spend her day at a trial J   She was the heart-n-soul of our family.

AKC:  Canine Good Citizen, Open Standard, Open Jumpers
USDAA:  Agility Dog, Advanced Snooker

NADAC:  Novice Standard, Novice Tunnelers, Open Gamblers, Novice Jumpers

Meika – Australian CattleCompeted in agility with my parent’s cattle dog for just over a year before retiring her in 2004. Little worker bee and just an all around great dog.AKC: Excellent A Standard, Excellent A Jumpers
Misty Blue – Australian Shepherd (shelter rescue)Passed away much too early. Loved and missed our little baby girl.CPE: CL3-R, CL2-H, CL2-S, CL2-F

NADAC: Novice Standard