Shari Caruso

Having only been competing since 2007, I’m relatively new to the circuit of dog agility compared to some of the other fabulous instructors at Splash ‘n Dash. But you can be certain my enthusiasm and love for both the sport and my dogs rivals even the most fanatical in the sport.

My style of training focuses on positive reinforcement, not only for the dog but for the handler as well. We need encouragement too, and often we need it more than our dogs! I’ve learned so much from my dogs – so many life lessons through playing agility and training my dogs, and I’m so eager to share those with all that I teach…. Patience, focusing on what goes right, remembering to always have fun, to focus on progress not perfection, don’t take things too seriously. (Yes, and your dog will learn agility too!)

The venues I’ve competed in: Agility (USDAA, AKC, CPE, NADAC, Teacup), Flyball, Rally and Earthdog. I’ve taken classes in Freestyle but haven’t competed yet.

I have experience working with both large and small dogs. My three dogs are a shepherd mix, a pure-bred Jack Russell, and a pre-bred Belgian Malinois, giving me experience training both a working breed and a very independent thinking terrier as well.