Jim Bauer


Jim Bauer got “hooked on agility” in 2005 when he starting training the first of three current Dalmatians, Tess.  Since that time, Jim has run dogs in AKC, USDAA, CPE, and NADAC agility, earning championships on both Tess  and Jazz and taking his youngest Dal, Indy, to Level 3 in CPE in just a few months.  Jim loves the fast pace, teamwork, and “thinking on your feet” that agility requires, as well as the strategy.  He shares his passion for agility with his students and loves working with all the dogs he meets.  Jim and  Tess have earned their CPE Agility Team Extraordinaire (C-ATE) title and he  looks forward to continuing to run with Jazz and Indy.  He and his wife Lisa enjoy the many friendships that training at Splash ‘n Dash and competing in agility have brought them.